There are three products for your selected HP Printer
Externally Refillable Cartridge Set
Maximum filled capacity and refillable!
Our modified OEM cartridges with self-sealing tethered refill ports are filled to their maximum capacity. More than
1-1/2 times the ink volume of OEM 940XL cartridges providing greater than 1,900 continuous color pages**.
That's less than 2-1/2 cents per page!
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152mL Refillable Cartridges for
(.28 cents/mL**) equals...
more ink volume than one and a half sets of OEM HP #940XL cartridges.
= $69.84*
(.72 cents/mL**)
One set of retail HP #940XL
contain 97mL total ink volume.
Note: You will remove and use your existing 940 cartridge bottoms.
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*Cartridge and cartridge set cost approximated from eBay seller listings for comparison.
**Price/mL for the complete filled set(s) or system and total color page count per ISO/IEC 24711 standard.
Physically they are all the same size (12" H x 4-3/8" W x 8-1/4" D) when assembled.

    1-Liter Vertical Pro-Series CISS
    One 400mL Black Tank and one each 200mL C/M/Y Tank
    (12,500 continuous color pages)

    2-Liter Vertical Pro-Series CISS
    One 800mL Black Tank and one each 400mL C/M/Y Tank
    (25,000 continuous color pages)

    3-Liter Vertical Pro-Series CISS
    One 750mL each Black, Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan Tank
    (37,500 continuous color pages)

    Each model includes:
  • Black textured 4-tank vertical hanger
  • Four color coded cartridge/connector assemblies
  • Installation and Tank replacement instructions
Installs in Seconds
All three models of our Vertical Pro-Series CISSs fit within the same physical space, the tanks are just filled with larger volumes of ink. Our patent-pending color-coded,
cartridge/connector assemblies make it quick, clean, and simple to swap out our replacement tanks.
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Professional Appearance
Clean Tank Replacement
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Vertical Pro-Series CISS
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