Your printer ink levels WILL NOT reset!

The only time your printer’s software will reset the ink levels is when you put in a new OEM cartridge and it re-initializes to that new cartridge’s Smart Chip. You cannot
reset the Smart Chips on these cartridges, because they are not Auto-Resettable Chips (ARCs). No one currently makes ARCs for the 940 cartridges, so the only way
around this is to use the Smart Chips from your existing cartridges.

Printer Display Messages and Software Ink Level Graphic Troubleshooting - HP 8500 Printer

When the smart chip countdown begins to get low, you will see the following messages as the printer’s software estimates each cartridge is running low and depleted on ink:

Warming Up… (First message that scrolls across the display screen)

“The original HP ink in the following cartridge has been depleted: Color [X]. Information about ink levels will not be available. Press      for more information.”

·         Press the forward arrow (    ) to the right of the OK button.

Warming Up… (Second message that scrolls across the display screen)

“Printer failure or damage attributed to the use of non-HP or refilled ink cartridge will not be covered under warranty. Replace ink cartridge or press OK to continue.”

·         Press the OK button.

Note: The ink level graphic on the printer’s display or the software ink level graphic are “Estimated ink levels. Actual levels may vary.” The symbol or character above each
ink level represents:

1. A check mark (√) = The ink level is estimated above 10% remaining.
2. An Exclamation mark (!) = The ink level is estimated below 10% remaining.
3. A Red Box with an X, or a Question mark (?) = The cartridge ink pump has sucked-in (ink is completely depleted).

If you unplug your printer or turn your power strip off. When you turn power back on to your printer back on you will have to repeat these steps.

The Ink level bar is the remaining smart chip countdown graphically estimating the ink level of its cartridge.

General Information:

Now that printer manufacturers cannot legally disable printing when cartridge ink levels are low or depleted, there is no incentive for anyone to produce ARC chips that
misleadingly reset ink levels. The printer’s software using ISO/IEC 24711 standard and the smart chips countdown a predetermined number of print head nozzle firings to
estimate ink levels. Even though you cannot reset the estimated ink level graphic, you can print continuously as long as ink is available.
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HP 8500 Series printer troubleshooting
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